Fumiaki Shigemitsu, president

NuFlare, Beyond The Leading Edge

Based on its semiconductor production systems, NuFlare seeks to evolve continuously as a corporation contributing to and benefiting society, humankind, and our customers in the semiconductor industry.

NuFlare Technology, Inc. was founded in 2002 as a spinoff of the Semiconductor Equipment Business Division of Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. Since then, we have been active in the development, manufacture, and sale of electron beam mask writers, mask inspection systems, and epitaxial growth systems, all devices essential in the drive toward shrinking physical dimensions and growing sophistication of semiconductor devices.

In recent years, the rapid shift to digital technologies and a networked society has rapidly changed human lifestyles. It's no exaggeration to declare that these changes are driven almost entirely by technological advances in the area of semiconductor devices.

In the process of manufacturing semiconductor devices, lithographic technologies (i.e., the minute processing technologies used to expose and transfer IC circuit patterns to a silicon wafer during semiconductor production) remain a core technology.

For more than thirty years, as part of Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd., we continued to develop downscaling technologies with our electron beam mask writers, which print IC circuit patterns on photomasks (i.e., the quartz plates used as masters to transfer IC circuit patterns to a silicon wafer for semiconductor devices), which play a core role in the lithography process.

Today, we continue to tackle the challenge of mastering other new technologies, including the development of mask inspection systems that identify defects in printing patterns on photomasks, as well as epitaxial growth systems that grow thick-film epitaxial layers for power devices.

Through our semiconductor production systems, we continue to strive to provide leading value and contribute to social advancement. We wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for your continued support.

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

NuFlare Technology, Inc.
Fumiaki Shigemitsu, president