CSR: The President's Commitment

The President's Commitment

We will create new value and contribute proactively to the development of society. Fumiaki Shigemitsu, President

NuFlare Technology, Inc.(“NuFlare Technology”) was founded in August 2002 as a spinoff of the Semiconductor Equipment Business Division of Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd. Since then, we have been active in the development, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of electron beam mask writers, mask inspection systems, and epitaxial growth systems, all devices essential in the drive toward shrinking physical dimensions and increasing sophistication of semiconductor devices. “Nu” in the English name of the company represents both the Greek word for “new” and the first syllable of the name of the place where the company is based, Numazu (Numazu City in Shizuoka Prefecture). The name of the company reflects its aspiration to set off new technological flares towards the world from Numazu.

Guided by its vision “NuFlare, Beyond the Leading Edge,” NuFlare Technology seeks to create new value and contribute to the sustainable development of society through its leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment. By an analogy to social structure, its structural outline can be described as follows: The semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry, which is located at the bottom of an upside-down pyramid, underpins the semiconductor industry, which, in turn, supports many different business areas (those related to automobiles, aviation, space, medicine, energy, home electronics, PCs, mobile devices, and so on). It is with a sense of great responsibility, spirit, and pride as part of the foundations for all these industries and business areas that we carry out our business activities.

At the same time, in today’s increasingly internationalized society, the environment surrounding us is undergoing rapid changes and we are now faced with a wide range of problems of global scale, such as shifting demographics, aging populations, global warming and abnormal weather phenomena associated with it, development of alternative energy, and network bloat. NuFlare Technology cannot be insulated from these international situations, which have unavoidable impacts on our business activities. We believe that we can achieve sustainable growth by responding proactively to these challenges. Our belief is that by supporting the semiconductor industry through its business activities, NuFlare Technology can be of help in resolving issues such as: (1) environmental and energy problems, (2) medical problems in aging societies, and (3) needs arising from increasingly networked societies (big data, IoT, etc.). We always pursue our ideal of “one small company, one giant contribution.”

Under such social circumstances, we take corporate social responsibility (CSR) management very seriously in order to respond flexibility to many different changes as a responsible member of society and achieve sustainable growth, as well as to proactively carry out our responsibility by putting utmost priority on objectives such as “protecting life, safety, and compliance” and “promoting environmental management.” In particular, we actively fulfil our responsibilities with regard to the following three areas.

  • 1)“Being sincere to and proactively taking on responsibility for” society
    We take energy, environmental, and other issues of global scale seriously and proactively work on them through our business activities. We are making efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of the design and manufacturing processes of our products, which are essential in the drive toward shrinking physical dimensions and increasing sophistication of semiconductor devices, while taking into account coordination with management. NuFlare Technology also conducts product assessments to promote the environmental friendliness of its new products. In fact, its electron beam mask writers, which are among its leading products, have steadily improved in their power efficiency for mask writing, generation by generation. At the same time, we shall vigorously carry out environmental management, including in relation to biodiversity, as well as environmental communication activities outside the company.
  • 2)Pursuing managerial and financial “health” to fulfill our responsibility for stakeholders
    We aim to further gain public confidence by being constantly aware of the importance of increasing customer satisfaction and contributing to society. Responding appropriately to various changes while pursuing this objective requires us to always listen attentively to our customers, suppliers, and business partners, and to all of our other stakeholders. We will create new products to reflect the voice of the customer (VOC) and seek the successful continuation of our business. We believe that it is our mission to construct a healthy financial system and increase our corporate value through this process. We also recognize the development of human resources that are prepared for global business and reform of the corporate culture of the company as major challenges that need to be overcome.
  • 3)Prioritizing life, safety, and compliance
    We believe that it is essential for all business activities to be in accordance with relevant social, company, and office rules, and that no businesses can achieve growth without this. As such, we are striving to provide safe and comfortable working conditions for employees and promote the maintenance and improvement of their physical and mental health so as to make sure that all employees will be able to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest extent. We also believe that keeping up our simple everyday safety precautions without ever dropping our guard enables us to provide working conditions that allow employees to work comfortably with peace of mind and the company to realize its potential.

We shall continue to make contributions to society, together with our stakeholders, through continuation of our business activities in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry. By incorporating into our management the CSR principles represented in ISO26000, GRI Guidelines, etc., rather than regarding CSR as mere obligations imposed on individual companies, we shall seek to identify possible areas of contribution, target stakeholders, associated business risks, and the like, identify issues to work on, and proactively endeavor to resolve them. Our stakeholders' understanding in connection with these efforts and their continued generous support and cooperation in the future would be most truly appreciated.

Fumiaki Shigemitsu, President
NuFlare Technology, Inc

*NuFlare, Beyond The Leading Edge:The Vision of NuFlare Technology
*IoT (Internet of Things) : Internet-based mutual exchange of information between various devices
*ISO26000:An international standard providing guidelines for social responsibility
*GRI Guidelines:Guidelines on social sustainability reporting established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)