CSR: The President's Commitment

The President's Commitment

We will create new value and contribute proactively to the development of society. Shigeki Sugimoto, President

NuFlare Technology, Inc. (“NuFlare Technology”) was founded in 2002. Since then, we have been conducting business activities under its management vision “to create new value and contribute proactively to the sustainable development of society” through its leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

In order for us to contribute to society, we need to start by making full use of our leading-edge technology and continue creating innovation through our business activities. To make this happen, it is important for us to work every day recognizing that our semiconductor manufacturing equipment underpins the semiconductor industry, which, in turn, supports society and many different business areas. It is with a sense of great responsibility, spirit, and pride as part of the foundations for all these industries and business areas that we carry out our business activities.

As a global company, our business has been dealing mainly with customers from all over the world, which is undergoing rapid changes and becoming more diversified and complicated. Under such circumstances, I strongly feel the need to accept diverse views and society, and reform ourselves to keep pace with the rapidly-changing international situation in order for us to achieve the sustainable development of our business operations. We will speak frequently with our stakeholders to deepen our understanding about what we should do and what is expected of us, and put our goals into action.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities cover a wide range of areas including the environment, human rights, procurement, compliance and social contribution. They are based on the following three views:

  • 1)“Being sincere to and proactively taking on responsibility for” society
  • 2)Pursuing managerial and financial “health” to fulfill our responsibility to stakeholders
  • 3)Prioritizing life, safety, and compliance

These are considered as the basis of our CSR management, which we must implement in an honest and sincere manner.

We will continue to incorporate CSR principles represented in the GRI Guidelines and EICC, etc., in our management so that all employees of NuFlare Technology can work in accordance with CSR management in a steady and proactive manner.

NuFlare Technology is commemorating its 15th anniversary since its founding. To further pursue our vision “NuFlare, Beyond the Leading Edge,” all NuFlare Technology employees will exercise their abilities to achieve sustainable development and growth.

Our stakeholders’ understanding in connection with these efforts and their continued generous support and cooperation in the future would be most truly appreciated.

Shigeki Sugimoto, President
NuFlare Technology, Inc

*NuFlare, Beyond The Leading Edge:The Vision of NuFlare Technology
*GRI Guidelines:Guidelines on social sustainability reporting established by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)